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12 Swan Yard
London,  N1 1SD.

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+44 207 636 6666

UK Team

Richard Packer
Managing Partner

Simon Elborne
Managing Partner

Bella Murray
Operations Partner

Otis Denison
Head of Sales

US Team

Emily Malito
Executive Producer

Diane Patrone
East Coast Sales

Tracy Bernard & Robin Stevens
Midwest Sales

Jeanie DiMaggio & Tracy Fetterman
West Coast Sales

About Us

The Outsider

At Outsider we believe in helping people achieve their creative potential. We believe that great ideas and stories can inspire, entertain and bring us together. And that, through positive collective endeavour, we can overcome any challenge.

We are a family. For over 25 years we have nurtured the very best Directors and Producers in the industry, and we are bound together by our love of filmmaking craft, the trust we have for each other, and our commitment to exceptional production service.

We collaborate with Advertising Agencies, Media Companies, Broadcasters and Brands to produce films for every platform and any audience.


Staying Productive
& Being Safe

COVID-19 has been a truly unique obstacle that resulted in all industries, not just our own, being severely hampered by its presence. And now, 2 years on, we're able to reflect on and take forward the many innovative and creative ways that our directors and producers found to tell stories in the face of the restrictions. 

As we continue to learn to live with the virus, navigating the fluctuations of disruption in line with the APA and Government guidelines, we want you to know that we are here to help – providing production insight, creative guidance, and reassurance to all our collaborators that there is a safe, responsible and expertly crafted way to shoot content, both in the UK and around the world.

It didn't beat us, it's made us stronger.

If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Giving Back

Green Shoots
& Planting Trees

We all have a responsibility to act sustainably. That’s why we share the ambitions of ADGREEN in their mission to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of film production in advertising, by empowering companies like us with the tools to measure and act for zero waste / zero carbon.

We also plant trees for every production we do helping to bolster the need for carbon sequestration and the restoration of bio-diversity in the UK. 



We don’t do what we do to win prizes, but we’re proud to have been recognised by our peers and continue to bring home many Lions, Arrows and Pencils.

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