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Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

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Operations Partner

Otis Denison
Head of Sales

US Team

Emily Malito
Executive Producer

Diane Patrone
East Coast Sales

Tracy Bernard & Robin Stevens
Midwest Sales

Jeanie DiMaggio & Tracy Fetterman
West Coast Sales

Edward Andrews

Edward Andrews

UK / Amsterdam
Tame Your Work Worries

Tame Your Work Worries


The Gap

The Gap

Pathways To Education

This Job Can Break You

This Job Can Break You


Scotland’s Best Kept Secret

Scotland’s Best Kept Secret


A World Without Y

A World Without Y


Flirting With Death

Flirting With Death



From an early age, Edward was fascinated by the way images can direct the viewer’s eye and tell a story, so it’s no surprise he should end up working in film. 

His eye for composition is present throughout his work, which combines honest storytelling with hints of surrealism and moments of seamless VFX, capturing reality but in an elegantly heightened way. His unique approach has been recognized internationally with a growing list of awards (including the prestigious Shots New Director of the Year), and is one of the reasons we’re so excited to have him in the Outsider family. 

But Edward didn’t start his career by directing award-winning short films and commercials. After being inspired by the surrealistic photomontages of thought-provoking photographer Jerry Ueslmann, Edward joined the world of visual effects. As a compositor at DNeg he was part of the Oscar-winning VFX teams behind such films as Blade Runner 2049, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and the Harry Potter franchise. Later transitioning this knowledge into directing visually rich stories with a very human core… and we’re so glad he did.

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