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UK Team

Richard Packer
Managing Partner

Simon Elborne
Managing Partner

Bella Murray
Operations Partner

Otis Denison
Head of Sales

US Team

Emily Malito
Executive Producer

Diane Patrone
East Coast Sales

Tracy Bernard & Robin Stevens
Midwest Sales

Jeanie DiMaggio & Tracy Fetterman
West Coast Sales

Sarah Chatfield

Sarah Chatfield

UK / Amsterdam
Reimagine Sport

Reimagine Sport

Adidas Women

You Write It, We Underwrite It

You Write It, We Underwrite It


Joga Pra Sempre | Brazil Women's National Football Team

Joga Pra Sempre | Brazil Women's National Football Team

Nike Football

Rewards Come to Those Who Run

Rewards Come to Those Who Run

New Balance

The Tower of Women

The Tower of Women


Ungrounded Obsession

Ungrounded Obsession



Sarah got her first taste of directing the same way as so many others, by making stop-motion animations with her Barbie dolls on her dad’s 8mm camera. 

But it was her later passion for music videos that launched her career. Sarah has created unique visual worlds for artists including Lykke Li, Little Mix, Lil Wayne, and Lily Allen, amassing over a billion views on YouTube and winning Best Pop Video and Best New Director at the UK MVAs in the process. Her visual flair soon caught the eye of various leading fashion houses and her fashion films for Yves Saint Laurent have been screened in museums and galleries worldwide.

Sarah is now a go-to director for brands such as Adidas, Nike, Samsung, Body Armor, and New Balance. She is best known for her bold visuals and powerful soundscapes, and her diverse work effortlessly moves between polished glamour and raw cinematic naturalism. She loves to tell stories that inspire an emotional reaction, using visually striking images that flow with a unique rhythm and energy. One thing is for sure, she’s come a long way from those old Barbie animations (and no, she wouldn’t show us). 

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